This Area has always been very active in the field of grant giving. We are proud that the generosity of our Societies enables us to support additional funding for students, up to the age of 25, studying some aspect of decorative art at institutions local to us. We all know how competitive it is for our young to get jobs now in the field of the arts and these awards help students to gain the extra experience and know-how that can make all the difference.

In the past we gave some money to students at Bucks New University  in High Wycombe to help them with their studies in Furniture Conservation and Restoration. We enabled one student to get special training in japanned work and another used the money to make a violin. The variety of ways in which we can help is endless. In addition to the above we have included funding for glass blowing, lithograph printing and textile design.  Award winners for 2019 who are third year students in the Textile and Surface fields are: Charlotte Fitzwilliam who works in wood and resin, Jessica Blandford who uses raw materials to design in the Brutalism and Scandinavian style, and Kamille Balciunate who designs and prints soft furnishings and textiles in the Art Deco, minimalist and Bauhaus style.  

The Bishopsland Educational Trust  located near Reading, teaches Silversmithing and Jewellery making. For several years we have made donations to the Silver Fund and given awards to gifted students to help them with their work. Visit their website here to learn more about this unique institution.  Award winners for 2019 are Katie Watson and Brodie Birss. Photos of their projects are in Gallery. 

We believe that it is important and worthwhile to support students to further their creative and artistic inclinations after leaving school. We also find it rewarding to see their efforts when they display their achievements at the End of Year Shows in the summer.

We also support The Koestler Trust which is the UK’s leading prison arts charity and encourages ex-offenders to change their lives through participation in all areas of the arts. This is the third year that we have given money to enable prisoners to become involved in art and to enable them to enter their work in a National Competition which last year was held in London. The quality of the work was outstanding and challenged negative preconceptions the public may have of these individuals.